A Syrian child in a refugee camp
A Syrian child in a refugee camp
Aug. 07, 2015 | Syria

Pray for a Family of Believers Who Escaped Islamic Militants

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A Christian family was forced to flee their home in Syria when Islamic militants raided their village. The militants took the family’s belongings, destroyed crosses and demolished their home. The family was among a group of 10 people who walked for days through the wilderness, eating grass to survive because there was no food. They finally arrived in another village approximately 15 miles away, where they met up with a VOM partner who has helped them get into shelter. The family has very little, but refused to give up their faith. Pray for the family, especially their children who are very discouraged by the living conditions.

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  • Father God, please assure these precious believers that Satan can only destroy and steal. Our Lord and Savior is building the NEW Jerusalem where we will one day dwell forever with Him. Please heal this family from their terrible ordeal and assure them of these truths. Bless VOM for helping these dear people. Thank you, Father in Jesus' name.
    Kathy G - USA
  • We are reminded of the truth of Psalm 109:31-The Lord stands at the right hand of the needy, to save their lives from those who would condemn them.
    Linda D - Korea, South
  • Praying
    Carla M - USA
  • Lord thank You for VOM and the work they do. Thank You that they are able to help so many. for this family, and all persecuted family . Encourage,protect,embolden the christians of Laos, and provide means of ministry for them. Let them be a a light in the darkness they live. Thank You for providing other christians to help in the time of need.
    barbara w - USA
  • Holy Father, thank you for helping these people get away and survive. Call others to help provide for them and fellow Christians fleeing. May they feel your presence of peace and joy and not be discouraged. May they grow in your Word. Bless them and use them to help others I pray. Pam - USA
    Pamela F - USA
  • Dear Jesus, this dear family gave up all their possessions for love of You. Provide them food and shelter. Give them a future and a hope. Help the children to see your working in their lives to trust and have faith in You. Help the parents to hope in You. Holy Spirit comfort and protect them. Lord Jesus, come to their assistance.
    Patrecia J - USA
  • Dear Lord, please continue to encourage and strengthen this family. I praise you for their strong faith in you. Please let their faith grow through the trials they are going through. Please provide for them housing, food, and a job for the father. And opportunities to share the gospel. In Jesus' name, amen.
    Nancy S - USA
  • Father, please protect, encourage, comfort, and strengthen this family as well as the rest of the Christian families in this area. Bring them to a safe place, provide for their needs. Let them feel Your presence with them and give them Your supernatural joy during this dark time. Please keep them safe from harm and may Jesus be known in this area.
    Roma K - USA
  • Dear Father, we pray for this family & especially the children who are scared and confused at being forced to flee their home. We pray for healing & understanding for these little ones & a strengthened relationship with You throughout their hardships. Find the family a safe place to live - a new home in a better area than before. In Jesus name, Amen.
    Ann Marie B - United Kingdom
  • Father, thank you for preserving this family from the hellish things other Christians have had to endure for their faith. Still, such disruption and deprivation is very difficult for anyone one, but especially for children. Through all of this let your light shine into their hearts and heal them mentally, physically, and spiritually.
    paula a - USA
  • Lord watch over these precious brothers and sisters. Keep them safe and in the arms of your precious Son Jesus. Meet all their needs fir food water and shelter. Help they stay strong in their faith in the middle of this great persecution. Bind the forces of evil that are preying on my brothers and sisters. In the power of Jesus name I pray. Amen
    Bob T - USA
  • Lord, thank you for VOM being able to help this family. Please direct them and show yourself faithful in meeting their needs and giving them peace and joy in spite of their losses.
    michele r - USA
    Please Protect these Precious Christians . Shield them with Peace, FATHER . Surround them with YOUR fiercest of angels. Give them favor to Evangelize and help them to establish YOUR Covenant in the Earth and win many souls. Liberate,Strengthen, Teach, Encourage,Comfort them and their families. IN JESUS' NAME. AMEN.
    Doris G - USA
  • Our Lord Jesus Christ will continue to aid and answers your prayers. The devil can only try but cannot and will never be a match to the name that is above every name (JESUS). Hold unto your faith, while we uphold you all with prayers in Jesus Name.
    Sunny N - USA
  • I thank you, Lord, that you carried this family 15 miles to food & shelter and you carried them on eagles' wings--being their strength when they had none. Give them more and more faith, so that through each trial their faith will grow as they see how you care for them. And Lord, especially give hope and courage and a new sense of joy to the children!
    Rebecca S - USA
    THANK YOU for protecting this family, and please use their testimony to assist and enlighten others of YOUR LOVE and MAJESTY !!. use this family to reach out to others in their community so they can be saved. Start a chain reaction in that entire country and worldwide to produce soul winners and missionaries. IN JESUS' NAME AMEN !!
    Doris G - USA
  • Jesus Christ, here iam, pls hear me out hear my cry, my prayers, for my brothers, sisters, moms, fathers, in Christ, bcoz u said so. your bros, sis, mom, dad, are those who seek the will of your heavenly father. pls deliver our relatives from devil, protect them, guard and guid them, give them strength to go face to face with darkest hrs. Amen
    Simon P - Tanzania
  • Father, I pray that You would provide for their needs at this time of great difficulty. For the young ones I pray that they would see how their parents are standing for the cause of Christ. May that be an encouragement to them. Father, fill them with Your grace to endure. This I do pray thru Jesus. Amen.
    joey S - USA
  • Lord, thank you for protecting this family from the demons that hunt them. I pray that you give them continued protection while showing them peace. Lord please allow the children to be able to be children. Let them know Your peace and Your love so that the faithless will know that You are the one true King. In Jesus name, amen.
    Jason H - USA
  • Dear Lord Jesus. I pray this day for our brothers and sisters who have lost everything because they have chosen to follow. Your word says that there's no one who has abandon his properties,family and friends to follow has been put to shame. I am very confident that their reward is with U who will one come in your glory to take us and them home.
    Christiana Afua N - Ghana
  • Father, please continue to provide for these families. Remind them that you are the greatest blessing. Comfort and encourage them individually and as a whole. Mold them into your likeness and grant them, in each other, a beautiful and thriving church. May understanding of your love grow as well as love for you. In Jesus name, Amen.
    caroline c - USA
  • Lord Jesus, I pray for intervention for these families for a place to live as a home with proper shelter, food, jobs, and provisions to give a secure and comfortable life for them. Jesus, help them to stay strong in their faith and answer their prayers as they continue to walk in Your ways. Encourage the young children's faith. In Jesus Great Name!
    Patricia L - USA
  • Heavenly Father, I praise You for the faith of this family and for leading them to the VOM partner. May their shelter be blessed with plenty of food and safety. I believe that You will encourage and support this family, especially the children. 'Let the children come to Me, the kingdom of heaven belongs to them.' Lk18:16 In Jesus name, Amen
    Jacqueline H - USA
  • Holy God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, I add my prayer to the communion of believers to be with this family and all others like them witnessing to your Way. May the know that it is not so much as freedom from the storm but your grace in the midst of it that your victory over sin be made manifest and all be saved according to your Holy Will.
    John M - USA
  • Heavenly Father, thank You that You are mindful of the suffering of your children. I lift this family up to You and ask for Your provision and protection to be upon this dear family. May they be encouraged in You. In Jesus' name, Amen.
    Abraham J - USA
  • Father, please with this family during this difficult time. You know their needs and I ask that you help them to know you are there for them. Please guide them and direct them through the power of your Holy Spirit. Please help their children be encouraged and may their faith be strengthened. May they know you are King of Kings and in control. Amen
    Tina G - USA
  • Bless this family and keep them and make Your face shine upon them and be gracious to them and grant them Your eternal peace.
    mark m - USA
  • Lord, I Pray for this Family of Believers Who Escaped Islamic Militants. I pray especially their children who are very discouraged by the living conditions. I thank You that you led them to a VOM partner who has helped them get into shelter. May their faith be strengthened through this adversity. In Jesus name.
    Stephen B - USA
  • Lord, I pray that you will provide for the needs of this family. I pray that you will strengthen their faith. I pray that you will improve their conditions so that the children will be encouraged by your provision and your power. Lord, I thank you for using VOM to get shelter. I pray that you will provide more resources to VOM. In Jesus name. Amen
  • Dear Lord, thank You for giving this Christian family courage in refusing to give up their faith. Father, have mercy on them especially their children and meet all of their needs according to Your riches and glory in Christ Jesus. Protect them from the plans of the evil one and provide them with a home in Jesus Name, Amen.
    Anne S - USA
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