Joy met her husband Lutfu while working in Turkey. With a Turkish husband and three children who are Turkish citizens, she wants to stay.
Joy met her husband Lutfu while working in Turkey. With a Turkish husband and three children who are Turkish citizens, she wants to stay.
Sep. 10, 2020 | Turkey

American-Born Wife of Turkish Pastor Expelled

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The US-born wife of a Turkish citizen was recently told that her residency permit was revoked, even though she has lived in Turkey for nearly 10 years. Joy Subaşıgüller was told her residency permit had been revoked on June 5. She is married to a Turkish pastor, Lütfü, and the couple has three children, all Turkish citizens. The couple has filed an appeal, but they expect it to be denied. In 2019, at least 35 foreign Christian workers were expelled from Turkey when their residency permits were revoked or denied. So far this year, at least 16 others have been forced to leave the country. Pray for Joy and her family as they make decisions and respond wisely.

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  • Heavenly Father, You are Joy & Pastor Lutfu's "Refuge, Strength & Fortress.'Even if officials hearts are not stirred to change their unjust decision, You will grant wisdom where they should move. Send them spiritual sustenance and heal their hearts of grief over having to leave their Home. Praying for an end to Christian persecution by the govt. Amen
    Veronica R - Canada
  • TY Father for working this out as only You can in Jesus Name! May they rest in the shadow of Your wing as they know Your answer will be revealed at the right time. May their faith & that of other believers there only grow stronger. We are praying Ps 5:12 over them. "You surround them w Your favor as w a shield. May many come to You through thisIJN
    Lisa T - USA
  • Father God deliver Joy out of the hands of the enemy. Allow her to be able to stay in Turkey with her husband and children. Condemn those who are trying to separate her from her family. Give them peace in this situation and the ability to trust in You. You calm the sea of our hearts and I pray this for this family. In Jesus Name Amen.
    Norma C - USA
  • Father, give comfort and assurance to this family and may they know You are at work. Help them to remain steadfast and only watch for Your hand to bless and glorify Your Name in this. May Turkey be transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ and open to Christianity and religious freedom. Please reunite this family. In Jesus' Name.
    janie b - USA
  • Dear Heavenly Father. Thank you for the faith and courage of Joy and Lutfu. If it is your will, please keep this family together. Open the hearts and minds of their persecutors. In Jesus's name. Amen.
    Karen C - USA
  • Lord - where government officials try and close the doors to the gospel, please open even wider doors. And may this family be blessed in the midst of this circumstance.
    John G - USA
  • Lord, please help Joy & her family know what to do. If it be your will, please let her stay with them in Turkey so they can continue to minister to the lost, sick & poor. Please give her & her husband discernment & wisdom & please allow their appeal to be approved! We love & trust you Lord with our lives & thank you for yours. Thank you Jesus, AMEN!
    Niccole E - USA
  • Father in heaven, we pray for Lütfü and Joy, and their three children. We pray for love and joy in their family, that they will not be separated but will be able to stay together wherever that may be. Please guide them into wise choices. We pray also for the other workers who have been expelled. May they experience your love, joy and comfort.
    Trevor P - United Kingdom
  • Father please grant Joy and her family favour with the authorities. Give them wisdom as they consider their future.
    Rebecca H - New Zealand
  • Lord Jesus we lift up our sister Joy and her husband Lutfu. We pray that You would give them peace and guidance in how to proceed. Father we pray that if it is Your will that the family remain in Turkey that You would grant them the necessary documentation. If they are to move, lead the way in that. Above all, may You be glorified in this situation
    Shirley L - USA
  • Dear Heavenly Father, I lift up to You Joy and Lutfu in their appeal to retain Joy's residency and stay with her husband and family. Please work in the Turkish officials' hearts to make a decision in Joy's favor. Show them Your power and love. You are a God that is in control and can change hearts. I lift this up to you in Jesus' precious name, Amen
    Tina B - USA
  • Heavenly Father, I pray for Joy and ask for her to be held in your arms. I pray Lord that they would be led by you and given wisdom and discernment for what to do. I pray Lord for Your peace to guard them and for them to be able to stay in Turkey. I ask Lord for Your will to be done and for their children to flourish. I pray for them to hear from You.
    Joy H - USA
  • Dear Lord please give Joy and Luftu peace in this time of uncertainty. Please turn the hearts of the Turkish officials toward them and grant their petition for Joy to stay with her family. In Jesus' name, Amen
    Sherry M - USA
  • Please Lord please bless this family and others with the same struggle. Please allow them to stay in Turkey and cause the government to look upon them favorably in the Mighty Name of Jesus, amen.
    Pmandy Y - USA
  • Dear Heavenly Father,
    I pray that you would move in this situation and make a way for Joy to stay with her family. Please help Joy and others like her who have been forced to leave the country.
    In Your Holy name I pray,
    Marisa M - USA
  • Dear God & Father, I pray for Joy and Lütfü & their children: Protect, provide for, comfort, strengthen, encourage & guide them. May they stay strong & united in faith, hope & love, committed to Christ. Give the couple wisdom in decisions & response to authorities. I pray the same for at least 16 other families in Turkey in similar situations. Amen.
    Lisa D - USA
  • Lord, we pray for Joy, her husband and family in this time of waiting to hear concerning her appeal to remain in the country. It must be agonizing not knowing the certainty of her future. Grant her peace. May she know that you are with her. Provide for her. Change hearts and minds. Bless them as they prepare for the future. Amen.
    Sandy F-USA
    Jim F - USA
  • Heavenly Father, We praise You for this couple who are joined together as husband and wife. We praise You for the call the You have placed on their lives as they labor with joy in Your kingdom. We as for wisdom beyond their years and experience as they navigate this situation in their lives, that You will help them respond wisely, in Jesus' Name, Amen!
    Michael S - USA
  • Blessed Father, we praise you for Joy and Lutfu. May you hide them and their children under the shadow of your wings.
    In Jesus name, Amen.
    Randy S - USA
  • Dear Heavenly Father I amen these previous prayers. I commit all of this into Your Hands. In Jesus'Faithful Name amen.
    Johnathan K - USA
  • Father I pray that the wife would do the right thing and stay by her husband the pastors side no matter what tricks the enemy has up his sleeves. Father I pray that the pastor would remain faithful and the wife would become your follower knowing that this is an attack from the darkness and she needs light for safety IJNIPA.
    Josef S - USA
  • Hello my name is Sam, and in my history today it was talking about the martyrs of the early church and i wanted to support you and give you a verse: Romans 8 18:
    "Yet what we suffer now is nothing compared to the glory he will reveal to us later."
    I thought that you guys could use a word of encouragement and to know that we are praying for you.
    Samuel B - USA
  • Praise you for the victory. You are the just judge! Give Joy your joy, peace, long-suffering and favor. Let your word be a lamp unto their feet and a light unto their path ( Ps 119:105). Thank you for peace that passes all understanding (Phil 4:7). We revoke, overturn, and overrule every decision that is contrary to your will in Jesus name. Amen.
    Samimah S - USA
  • dear father, i pray for joy and her family. please give them wisdom, strength and keep them safe while they are waiting for the outcome of their appeal. regardless of the outcome may they be able to stay together and continue to teach the gospel and draw many children to you. i pray that the decision will be in their favor, father. amen
    esther l - Germany
  • Father in the name of Jesus, your word says that whom you join together in marriage let no man separate. Therefore Heavenly Father please hold this family together and grant favor in their appeal that Joy remain. Your word says, no good thing will You withhold from those who walk uprightly. Thank You Lord Jesus. Let Your holy name be blessed forever
    Angela C - USA
  • Father, I ask you Lord to please help Joy and Lutfu. I pray that your will be done in this matter. Watch over and protect this family. Give them wisdom and discernment in this matter. To God be the Glory. In Jesus name I pray, amen.
    Danny S - USA
  • Dear Heavenly Father: Please move the hearts of those in authority to reinstate Joy's residency permit and even give her a more permanent document. Encourage this precious family and give them wisdom in knowing what You would have them do. In Jesus' name, Amen.
    Nancy R - USA
  • Heavenly Father, You are the Way Maker. I ask that what the enemy meant for harm be turned for good. I pray that Joy and Lutfu will cling to Your promises. May they deeply experience the peace and presence of Holy Spirit as they navigate this teying season in their lives. Amen.
    Fabiana C - USA
  • I pray God give you guidance and courage in the decision you are facing. Stay or go, God will be with you. Fear not and trust in His will. He will make a way.
    Lisa M - USA
  • Lord,

    I pray for Joy and Lutfu, that they would be reunited. I pray that Your work would continue and that many would turn to Jesus through You and the faithfulness of this couple to plant the seed. Give them wisdom to make decisions. Give them encouragement from fellow believers. May they feel Your presence like never before. In Jesus name, Amen
    Ben C - USA
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