Naadir (center with the green shirt) and his daughter (held by a neighbor) watched family members murder his wife because of her faith.
Naadir (center with the green shirt) and his daughter (held by a neighbor) watched family members murder his wife because of her faith.
Oct. 24, 2019 | India

Young Christian Woman Killed by Neighbors

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A young woman from Jharkhand state, in eastern India, was attacked and killed by neighbors in front of her home recently as her husband and 3-year-old daughter watched in horror. Qacha married her husband, Naadir, in 2014, and they both became Christians in 2017. On Aug. 27, 2019, the family was preparing to have dinner when Naadir’s father came to the door and began arguing with Qacha. When he began to beat her with a stick, Naadir and his younger brother intervened. In the ensuing scuffle, Naadir’s brother struck his father with an axe. At that point, a group of neighbors drinking nearby joined the fight, beating Qacha to death as Naadir and his daughter watched from behind some bushes. Afterward, the men chanted, “Whoever will do ‘hallelujah’ [a reference to Christians] will have the same consequences!” Please pray that the peace of God will comfort Naadir and his daughter, and pray for the protection of other Christians in the region.

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  • Lord please bless N. and his daughter. Give them peace and comfort from their loss. Bind the hands of the enemy in this land and cause your word to prosper. Protect the Christians in this region and encourage them to stand faithfully on your word. May their persecutors come to know you because of their faithful stand. May they always feel your love.
    Joyce A - USA
  • Father in heaven, bring Naadir and his daughter in India comfort and healing in mourning the loss of their wife and mother. Protect them under your wings from any persecution and lead those around them to Christ so that their faith would be strengthened. Bless them by taking care of any necessities they may have need of as you feed the birds of the air
    Rebekah R - USA
  • Dear God, Please guide Naadir and help him to know how to raise a daughter without her mother. I pray that the family may thrive. Please listen to them and their hearts, and let them know You're there for them. And please be there. I pray that all of them - even the persecutors - will someday join Qacha in heaven. Thank you. In Jesus' name, Amen
    Rae M - USA
  • Dear God,May Qacha rest in peace.Work through the turmoil the family experienced that night.I hope that the family and neighbors are okay now.Please come through for this family in everything they feel.Please guard others in the region from harm and turn the hearts of persecutors.May the child grow well and not be traumatized.Thank you.InJesus'nameAmen
    Rae M - USA
  • Our Father, please let Your peace comfort Naadir and his daughter, and help and protect all the Christians in the region. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
    Merike O - Finland
  • Dear heavenly Father, it has been months, but I'm sure the pain is still there! Please comfort Naadir & his daughter & help them both grow in your love & serve you fearlessly & help them take comfort in knowing that Qacha is with You & is happy! Help them to share the gospel with others so that others will also be with You when they die one day! Amen!!
    Caroline O - USA
  • Father I pray that U-Haul help Naadir forgive himself for not protecting his wife he must feel some guilt. I thank you that he kept his daughter safe. Please help is faith to grow stronger as he continue in the faith raising his daughter to be a strong believer in the Lord Jesus in Jesus name I pray amen
    William S - USA
  • Lord Jesus come to the protection of Christians in those parts of the world, where they are hated for their faith, cover them under your protective wings, we know they hated you dear Saviour and we will be hated too, Sheild Nadir and his child from danger, make a way for them and let justice be done for this lady whose crime was faith in Jesus
    Joyce D - United Kingdom
  • Lord I lift up Naadir and ask for the Spirit to intercede for even me to provide what is needed. I ask Lord for Your goodness to somehow still be felt. I ask for justice for the murder that took place. I ask for Your truth to cover the lies that are spreading now. I ask for comfort as this family mourns, and grieves and fights to trust You.
    Joy H - USA
  • Help Naadir and his daughter to forgive those who kill their loved one and become faithful to God .
    Debbie V - USA
  • Dear Heavenly Lord,
    I can not imagine the horror and pain that Naadir and his daughter have experienced in this terrible loss of their wife and mother. Please, cover them with Your Peace and grace. Comfort them mightily. May Your Spirit surround and encourage all the believers there. Convict and change the hearts of those who have done this. Amen
    Madison F - USA
  • O Father, come to the aid of this grieving father and this motherless child. Comfort them and the brother who struck his father with an axe. Bring healing and restoration to this family. Use this incident to bring conviction to the father and salvation to the entire family as You grant forgiveness to Naadir toward the neighbors who killed his wife.
    Toni D - USA
  • Please Lord please bless and comfort Naadir and his daughter, Please cause these murderers to be brought to legal justice and repent and come to Jesus, Please abundantly provide for this precious family and please stop this horrible persecution in India in the Mighty Name of Jesus, amen.
    Pmandy Y - USA
  • Dear Lord, we lift up Naadir and his daughter for comfort and peace. Thank You for the life of Qacha and her love for You. Let her life given be an overwhelming Hallelujah! Close the mouths of the killers and bring them to justice. May their next action be to choose repentance. Protect the Christians as they continue Your will. Thwart evil. Amen.
    Peg B - USA
  • Dear Lord, we pray for protection of Naadir and his daughter that they will remain safe and grow in their faith in you we pray for protection of other Christians in the region. Unharden the hearts of their persecutors in Jesus name amen.
    Connie V - USA
  • Father, please comfort this family. Heal them of any PTSD that may occur. May this little girl know You while she's little and serve You continuously. I pray for comfort and restoration. Just like You worked on Paul while he was involved in Stephen's death, please use this to bring Qacha's murders to Yourself. In Jesus Name, amen
    Debbie M - USA
  • Father God comfort Naadir and his family and his deceased wife's family both Lord Jesus you know what his father did was wrong in your eyes, yet they must fully confess their sins and there must be justice for her family, serve the justice needed to bring peace and restoration back to her family and joy as well in Jesus name may they convert as well Am
    April B - USA
  • Lord God, let the comfort and peace of the HolySpirit take control of this family. Let forgiveness and love be the mediator for all who are involved in the killing of this woman of God. Let the death and loss of this mother and wife speak of your love in places where love is not known. Bless that child, her father and their neighbor with the joy Jesus
    Gairey B - USA
  • Almighty God, My heart is heavy for Naadir and his children. As only you can, please speak peace and comfort to them. May your protecting hand be upon them. Through this situation may you bring glory to yourself. May those opposing Naadir see the love of Christ radiate from him. Soften angry hearts to seek Jesus and repent of sins. Pat USA
    Patricia S - USA
  • May the eternal Father give protection to you and your family. He wipes away our tears and gives us joy. We in America pray and ask God to comfort and strengthen you. He will provide for your needs because He is faithful to keep His promises. Amen.
    MaryKay L - USA
  • Father, I pray for peace for this young family. I pray that you would give Naadir yoir strength to keep following Jesus and he would forgive his family and neighbors. Soften the hearts of those neighbors so they can receive Christ also.
    Kandi S - USA
  • Father we pray for Naadir and his young daughter as they had too watch something so traumatic, comfort their souls and give the peace that only you can. We pray their neighbors as they live in darkness and don't understand, one their eyes dear Lord so they can see the true lights Jesus The Christ.
    Mark S - USA
  • Father, I pray that you will continue the work you began when you saved Qacha and Naadir. Many many Nepalese come to saving faith through this tragedy and Naadir find strength to continue to proclaim your work and forgive his enemies.
    Paula L - USA
  • Lord, comfort Naadir and his daughter. Help them as they grieve the loss of Qacha and be healed from the horrible way they saw her die. Praying for justice. Give them peace and eventually help them to forgive and pray for these murderers. I pray that Naadir's faith may be strengthened and that he may share the good news with his daughter and others
    margaret m - USA
  • Father God I pray for my brother Naadir in India whose wife was martyred for her faith in you. Help him to recover from the traumatic experience. Holy Spirit we ask you to provide comfort and strength during this time of mourning. Let your peace keep his heart and mind as he try to make sense of the event. Bless him indeed and enlarge his influence.
    Dumezweni M - South Africa
  • Father, I pray you comfort Naadir is his loss. I pray you wrap your arms around him, strengthen him. I pray you help him forgive. Open the eyes of his father to see the truth. I pray those who did this would be convicted and have their eyes opened. Lord, move in this situation. Watch over your children in this area. Give them boldness and wisdom.
    polly c - USA
  • Lord God, I pray for Naadir and his daughter and the rest of his family. I pray that you will protect them and keep them safe. Comfort them in their grief. I pray that Qacha's death will not be in vain. I ask that you will bring many to faith because of her martyrdom. May the name of Jesus be exalted and the gospel go out in power and grace to save.
    Julia F - USA
  • Dear Lord, thank you for the opportunity that I, as a U.S. Christian, have to live in a free and safe country. Please bring peace and comfort to Naadir and his daughter as they struggle through the grieving process and trauma resulting from Qacha's murder. Let their suffering be replaced with the love found in you and the Church. Protect them; Amen.
    Rebecca M - USA
  • Lord God, please keep Naadir and daughter safe from violence and heal their hearts as they mourn their wifemother. May they know your presence and that people care about them. Lord, in your mercy, hear this prayer.
    Janet B - USA
  • Lord Jesus, please be with Naadir and his daughter, please help them to grieve and stay strong in their faith. Please move in the hearts of those who murdered his wife that they would come to know you and the blinds would be removed from their eyes. Please help Naadir's and his daughters faith grow stronger in you. We love & thank you Jesus, AMEN!
    Niccole E - USA
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