John and his pregnant wife were forced to take shelter in a barn.
John and his pregnant wife were forced to take shelter in a barn.
Sep. 06, 2018 | Uganda

Couple Expelled from Family Home After Leaving Islam for Christ

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“John” and his wife have been living in a barn on church property since being kicked out of the family house by his parents, who disapprove of John’s conversion to Christianity. After becoming seriously ill, John, formerly a Muslim, eventually decided to attend a church service and seek healing through prayer. He placed his faith in Christ, prayed and was healed of his illness, vowing never to return to the mosque. When John’s parents and siblings learned of his conversion, they expelled him, his wife and their three children from the house. Their children have been staying with his wife’s relatives while they take shelter in the barn. John is looking for work and a permanent home for his family. Pray that they will find a home soon, as they are now expecting their fourth child, and that John will be reconciled to his family and be able to share Christ with them. Pray also for his wife’s pregnancy.

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  • Thank You, Father, for healing "John". I ask that in every area You will continue to provide him, his wife, and children. Guide him in his work. Encourage his heart, strength his purpose to follow You. I ask for reconciliation for "John" and his family and an open door for him to share Christ with them. Comfort his heart, provide for his family.
    Karen K - USA
  • Don't leave this dear couple helpless, Oh Great God in heaven. Make them feel and see and experience your very presence. Feed and clothe them.Grant them eternal hope and grace to do your work. See that they have what they need from your Church body, to grow and succeed by your measures. Help millions to find Jesus through them.
    Mark M - USA
  • Don't leave this dear couple helpless, Oh Great God in heaven. Make them feel and see and experience your very presence. Feed and clothe them.Grant them eternal hope and grace to do your work. See that they have what they need from your Church body, to grow and succeed by your measures. Help millions to find Jesus through them.
    Mark M - USA
  • Thank You for keeping John near Your heart. Please continue to help him and his family. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen
    Merike O - Finland
  • Father thank you for John's healing and for bringing him and his family to you. Use him and his family to spread and glorify your word. Rescue them from perverse and evil men. Strengthen and protect them from the evil one. Let them know the power of Christ's resurrection as they share in His suffering. Fill them with an inexpressible joy.
    Kendall P - USA
  • Our Father, good Father's day for You. My earthly parents are dead, but John and his wife are still alive, thanks to You. They have children, but no home for them. Please lead them to a place they could called home and reunite them with all of their children. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
    Merike O - Finland
  • Dear Heavenly Father, we thank You for the healing in John and for His salvation through Christ! You know their greatest needs & will supply each one. We ask for a safe home soon, restoration of his family & an opportunity to share his faith. Thank You for his wife and children, we know you have a plan for each. Bless his wife's pregnancy in joy!
    Peg B - USA
  • We pray for a home soon for John and his family and that he will be reconciled to his family and able to share Christ with them. We pray for a successful pregnancy and delivery for his wife.
    Kathleen R - USA
  • Father, I pray for this family. I pray you bless this woman during childbirth. Give her a healthy baby and easy delivery. I pray you supply them with a home so they can be united with their other children. I pray you open a door and provide a job for John. Help them to keep the faith and know that you are with them. I pray for their families, open eyes
    polly c - USA
  • Thank You, Father God, for healing John and for him giving his life over to Christ. We pray that his family and friends will change their ways and be receptive to the Gospel and join their son in the faith. In the meantime, we ask that You strengthen John's faith and that his wife continued to stand by him and support him and accepts Christ as well.
    Everett T - USA
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  • O Father, thank You that John stands for You even thru the rejection of his family. Father, I pray You will provide a home for John and his pregnant wife. May she deliver safely. I pray that John's family members will come to believe on the Lord Jesus as the only one who can offer salvation. Lord, supply the needs of John's family. This I pray now.
    joey S - USA
  • I pray for John's enemies, his own disowning family. Please let him stay strong and never renounce Christ, but give him opportunities to share your unpopular but freeing good news that healed him. Help his hard-pressed family. Prove the genuineness or their faith. We pray for his work, housing, children, and wife with her pregnancy that you care for.3
    Grace O - USA
  • Dear Lord,
    I pray for John and wife. Be with them through this and keep their faith strong. Provide a home for them and a job for John. May they all be able to reach out to their family and show them the love of Christ. I pray for his wife's pregnancy, and for all their children. May they be beacons of light for You.
    In Jesus' name I pray, Amen
    Madison F - USA
  • Father, bless John and his family as they stand firm in their faith in Jesus Christ! Provide for them abundantly. May their families see Jesus in them and come to a saving knowledge of Your truth! Bring justice in this situation. In the name of Jesus!
    Carolyn L - USA
  • Thank you Father & Jesus for bringing John to faith in Christ.Thank you that he sought to be healed through Christ and that you healed and saved him and now he and his family believe. Please provide for them, a house, a job, all their earthly needs. I pray for the salvation of his parents and that they will be reconciled. May his wife have healthy baby
    Jean G - USA
  • Thank You for John and his wife and children. I pray for an even deeper faith and boldness in You. I ask for Your hand to protect, provide and heal. May countless come to faith in You through their witness.
    Tricia W - USA
  • Lord Jesus come to the rescue of John and his family, you are a God supremly kind, when father and mother forsake you will take us up. Comfort them in this challenging time. Do provide a home and a job for them. Help to grow daily in his faith, and never give up , you will come to his rescue in time, you who watches the sparrows will watch over them
    Joyce D - United Kingdom
  • Thank You God for drawing John through the Holy Spirit to seek healing at a church. Thank You that You first of all healed his soul, then his body. Bless him for faithfully following You in response. Provide shelter for this family. Protect his wife and unborn child, and draw both John's family, his wife and her family to You through John's testimony
    Toni D - USA
  • Father, please i seek mercy for this family that he his wife and children would be reunited in a new home. I ask for you hedge of protection be put around them and that of their unborn child. I pray lord that you would meet all of this family's needs and reunite them with their family with you at the helm. In Jesus name Amen
    Pat D - Canada
  • Father, thank you for the faith of John and his wife. Please help him find a home for he and his family, and open his extended family's hearts to accept you as savior. Please give them encouragement and growth in their faith.
    emily g - USA
  • Holy God, Holy Spirit, surround John and his family with your presence of peace, love, and strength. Help them to keep their eyes on you. Fill them with faith, strength and love so that they may shine for you. Be glorified through them. Provide a home and protection for their family. I ask this in Jesus' name.
    Gerelda L - USA
  • Jesus, please help John and his family. I pray to you that you would continue to guide John and his family and not have him give up his faith under pressure. I pray that John will find a home soon and that he be reconciled to his family and be able to share Christ with them. I also pray for his wife's pregnancy. Please God, have mercy on them.
    Brian E - USA
  • Please help John, his wife and other family that their true family is the family of God. Encourage them that they are in your hand and no one can snatch them away. Help them to know that heaven is real, give them glimpses and a rock solid assurance that they will be there soon and it is worth whatever hardship they face.
    Boyd M - USA
  • Dear Lord, Please provide for this family a safe place to work and live. Please protect them as well. Please give the strength they need. It is you who have promised all we need for life and godliness. Amen.
    Robin D - USA
  • Father God may your love be poured on this couple. Provide shelter in a home to prepare for the birth of their child. Give them financial help, food and overwhelming peace of God fill their heart to see the surrounding as a heaven on earth. Jesus visit them and lead them deeper into you
    Benedicta N - USA
  • Be strong in the power of his mite put on the whole armour of God Ephesians 6:13. Stand hold your ground. The Lord is with you giving you all you stand in need of the power of the holy sprit to strengthen you
    Kim Y - USA
  • Lord God, the sorrow in this dear man's eyes! . Please help the family to be reunited and make provision for all their needs. Touch the relatives who do not know Christ with the gospel. May they see a difference in the lives of Christians who are willing to be deprived rather than deny Christ. Please protect this family from further suffering.
    Linda H - USA
  • Lord, Please bestow your good provision on John, his wife, their children and their families and community. Keep John close to you so his faith can shine as a beacon of the hope of Christ, our one true savior and redeemer. Let John continue to be bold in his testimony of your saving grace. Amen.
    Tracy L - USA
  • j, sometimes we know not the plans of God. but He knows what He is doing. believe me, He will see you through, even when it seems there is no way out. may He see you when no other help is in sight. I pray that your wife will be comforted in her pregnancy, and bring forth a child who will serve the precious Lord, as you have. He's coming again soon.
    Donald F - USA
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