Christian kids in Muslim majority Turkey face an uphill battle in school.
Christian kids in Muslim majority Turkey face an uphill battle in school.
Oct. 12, 2017 | Turkey

Pray for a Pastor Concerned About His Children's School Environment

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A pastor in Turkey has asked that we pray for his two elementary-age children, who are surrounded by Muslims at school. Christian children in Muslim cultures often face great difficulties; their beliefs are actively mocked, both by teachers and students. The pastor said he and his wife are working hard to raise their children in a godly way, but they pick up bad habits from friends at school. They moved the children to a different school last year in hope that it would be a better environment, but they still encounter problems. “May they reflect the love of Jesus in an atmosphere where he is not known,” the pastor said. “Pray we have God’s Spirit to not only teach our children how we can be lights in the darkness, but to be examples of that as well.”

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  • Holy Father, Your love for our children surpasses anything we do. You know what these children are facing and how to strengthen them. May they chose You and bless their efforts. May they see other kids grow curious to know Jesus and spur them to live for You despite hostility. Especially may the teachers be influenced and come to know You. Amen
    Eli S - USA
  • Almighty God, we beg you, for your Holy Name's sake that you grant this pastor and his family his request for strength and guidance to be lights in a dark and dangerous place. You know who they are and what they need. I beg you to hear my humble prayer mixed with the other saints as a pleasing aroma for you Holy will and pleasure. Amen.
    John B - USA
  • Jesus bless those beautiful children and help them to listen to and keep obeying their parents. Let them stand strong and understand. Don't let their parents be discouraged and trust You Jesus. Open their eyes and ears to your wisdom and knowledge and let them overhear someone that is hurting and want to be like them. In Your Name Jesus. Amen.
    Reatha G - USA
  • Lord,
    Thank You for this Turkish pastor and his willingness to do what is necessary to ensure that his children grow up in the Gospel. I pray that You will guide him and his family in the best ways to follow You in the face of a hostile environment and a culture that is hostile to the Gospel. May their lives be a witness to all they encounter.
    Lysander S - USA
  • HOLY SPIRIT I pray that You will continue to indwell these precious children with supernatural power to be witnesses of the Father's grace and love in spite of opposition. You, JESUS, who demonstrated such special loving care and blessings upon children, guide and keep them from the enemies that would oppose or harm them. Cover them daily.
    Richard H - USA
  • Lord God, thank You that these children are Yours and thank You that their parents want to be good stewards of these young lives in their care. I pray that these two Christian children will birghly shine your light, Lord Jesus, and that by Your Spirit they will love those who hate them, that they will know what is true and right. Grant them discernment
    Katherine S - USA
  • Loving and Merciful father, I lift up this pastor and his family to You. Pour out Your Holy Spirit upon them, giving them peace, strength, and wisdom. Guide and protect this family, especially these precious children. Holy Spirit hover over those that do not know you. Open the eyes of the enemy to the Truth. I declare Psalm 91 over them. In Jesus name!
    Miranda N - USA
  • Loving and Merciful father, I lift up this pastor and his family to You. Pour out Your Holy Spirit upon them, giving them peace, strength, and wisdom. Guide and protect this family, especially these precious children. Holy Spirit hover over those that do not know you. Open the eyes of the enemy to the Truth. I declare Psalm 91 over them. In Jesus name!
    Miranda N - USA
  • Lord please surround and protect these children with your love and help them to maintain the love and knowledge of Christ in their hearts . Enable them to be an influence on the other children rather than the other children on them. Guide and direct the pastor and his wife in the teaching of their children for you. In Jesus name
    Dean B - USA
  • Thank You for the faith and perseverance of this family. Lord please give them a supernatural touch today of strength, endurance and resolve. Lord I pray they would find hope in You today. I pray for their safety and protection, that You may be honered. That they will be lights that shine bright in the darkness around them.
    Tricia W - USA
  • Jesus, help these children see that You are worth following, that Your active presence in their lives is too precious to give up for anything. Protect their hearts from discouragement and fear while they are at school. Give them wisdom and grace to answer everyone who hates You with Your love and truth. Assure their parents that You go with them.
    Elizabeth M - USA
  • Father I pray for this pastor that you would be with him and his family as they seek to be lights for you in a dark place. I pray that you would move in the places that he and his kids are so that they would have friends to support them and come along side them in every move they make. Bless them greatly Father!
    matthew g - USA
  • Lord, we raise up this Pastor, that he may find renewed faith as he reads your Word. Ephesians 6:4New International Version (NIV)

    4 Fathers,a do not exasperate your children; instead, bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord.

    Keep teaching your children the ways of the Lord, and help them to understand that they will be challenged
    Tony d - Philippines
  • Thank you Lord for the pastor, his wife and kids, even as the kids go to school let Christ be fully formed in them. Let them not be consumed by the virus of islam and bad habits in school. Please make them godly exemplary children worthy of emulation and through them let their peers come to know and accept you in Jesus name,
    funke a - Nigeria
  • LORD I Thank You that everywhere these precious children travel You go with them. They represent You and are beacons of light in that school. I Thank You Lord for transformations with other Muslim students. I thank You that they desire to know the One True God.. Reveal yourself thru these God fearing children. In Christ name I say, Amen
    Deidre S - USA
  • Dear God & Father, I thank you for this pastor's concern. Protect, give peace & guidance to & strengthen his children to stay Christian in their settings. Guide their parents in educating them. And may they also be witnesses. These things I pray for many other children & youth in the persecuted church. In Jesus' Name. Amen.
    Lisa D - USA
  • Dear Father: I pray for the concern this dear Turkish pastor has for his children and that You would give him wisdom in all he says and does. May the who,e family continue to show forth the love of Christ even when ridiculed. Give them Your peace, the peace that passes understanding. In Jesus' name, Amen.
    Nancy R - USA
  • Dear Jesus, I pray that You would encourage these parents and grant these children a faith of their own. Help these children to come to know and love You so deeply and personally that they would follow You out of their own desire and gratitude, not merely out of following the instruction of their parents. Protect them from physical and spiritual battle
    Heather J - USA
  • Please guide these parents as they train their children to follow Jesus and train them how to respond to the hostility they are encountering at school. May the parents know how to intervene on behalf of their children and be guided by Your Spirit in all aspects of training their children in righteousness. May those persecuting them find Christ.
    Sherry H - USA
  • Dear Heavenly Father
    Thank you for this Turkish pastor who is trying to raise his two children to remain true to you under very difficult circumstances. May they be bright lights to their peers where their persecutors will see Jesus through them. I pray that they remain close to your heart. Amen
    Denise F - USA
  • Father please give the pastor and his wife wisdom as they seek to raise their children in a Godly way. Protect their children, speak to them and draw them to you and use them to plant seeds in the hearts of the Muslim children. Fill the entire family with your peace, joy and Spirit.
    Kendall P - USA
  • We lift up this family and pray that You would guide and direct them in the education of their children. Give them wisdom as they seek to be lights in the darkness.
    patty r - USA
  • Thank you, Lord for this pastor in Turkey and Christians in similar situations. Please grant them wisdom to know how to handle the difficulties their children face in school. Enable the children to love and respect their enemies as much as is possible. Bless them and protect them. Thank you in Jesus' name. Amen!
    Pearl N - USA
  • Dear God, please be a fortress and a hedge around about this Pastor and his family. Give this family the strength to stand and make them a light in the darkness. Please meet their every need.
    Lee A - USA
  • Father, Children are so vulnerable, and I know that You love them. Please protect these children from physical or emotional wounds at school. Help them to feel Your presence with them. Increase their faith. Please guide these children and their parents as to how to live lives pleasing to You where they are and to be light to others, In Jesus' name,
    Rena B - USA
  • Father, reveal Your fatherhood to these children. Protect them & cause them to see Truth and revel in Your love. Give them a knowledge of Your character & a bold faith & witness. Bring Muslims to know You through their witness. Give this pastor and his wife love and wisdom in raising these children. Cause their witness to their children to be strong.
    Sheron L - USA
  • Father, i pray for Christian children around the world who have to grow up in religious persecution because of Jesus. Protect these in Turkey and cause the government leaders to command Christian tolerance so that the gospel will spread and save the lost people from the lies of Islam. Bless these children and grow them strong in faith and Spirit. Amen
    Alan G - USA
  • Father, cover these children under your wing of protection. Speak to their hearts the truth of how
    much you love them and that you are the way the truth and the life. Praise you for their parents.
    May the word fill the hearts of the whole family. may the truth of your grace ,mercy and love draw
    many to yourself. Give these children Christian friends.
    sue g - USA
  • Father God,
    Praise You for this godly pastor and his wife. Strengthen his two young children through Your Holy Spirit. Give the pastor and his wife wisdom and guidance by Your Spirit to nurture them. LORD, help these children reflect Your love in this hostile atmosphere, to listen to their parents' teachings, and to be examples of light.
    Debbie D - USA
  • Lord, You say "start children off on the way they should go and even when they are old they will not turn from it." (Prov. 22:6) We speak this blessing and prayer over this Pastor and his family in Turkey. We pray a covering over these children and ask the Holy Spirit to burn bright in their lives and attract many to know and follow You, the only way.
    Roberta V - USA
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