Many Iranians travel to meet with family and friends over the Persian New Year.
Many Iranians travel to meet with family and friends over the Persian New Year.
Mar. 17, 2017 | Iran

Pray for Evangelism Efforts during Persian New Year

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Iranians will celebrate the Persian New Year, known as “Nowruz,” on March 21. Hundreds of thousands of Iranians will travel during this holiday period. It is a crucial time for evangelism and discipleship efforts for many churches and ministries focused on Iran. VOM supports a range of efforts including training and conferences for leaders and church planters, Bible distributions to Persian seekers and believers, and ministries focused on sharing the gospel. Please pray that many would hear and receive the Word of God.

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  • oh Jesus, open hearts to hear of your love and sacrifice duroing this time and may many come into your kingdom.
    michele r - USA
  • Heavenly Father, Praise for the number of conversions of Muslims converting to Christianity in the Middle East. I pray this "Nowruz" season will bring about much fruit and we will witness a strong conversion of those that hear the gospel. I ask that You convict their hearts with the knowledge that you are the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. Amen
    Jason H - USA
  • Father, I pray that many Iranians were receptive to Your word during the Persian New Year and that the evangelists who faithfully communicated the good news were blessed to experience dozens of first-hand conversion testimonies. May Your plans for Your people come to fruition and their spiritual service bring glory, honor and praise to the Lord Jesus.
    Patrick V - USA
  • Lord, what a better time than this to show Your mercy and forgiveness to these people. I pray that a mighty work may be done in changing hearts and minds to You and Your word. Bless the people that hear and open them to the gospel message. Bless those that share the Word that they could speak with boldness and without fear.
    Dennis C - USA
  • Father, as your Word is passed out and shared, I pray that those that hear would receive with their hearts. Pour out your convicting Spirit. may your anointing rest upon your children. Please, move in this area. Guide your children, direct them, give them wisdom and boldness.
    polly c - USA
  • Lord please bless these ministries. I pray that many muslims will see the truth. That they will be changed by your Holy Spirit. I pray that many Muslims will be baptized, and that signs and wonders will follow the believers. Please empower Your church, and give us a rock solid faith in the finished faith of Jesus! Amen!
    Piet K - Netherlands
  • Please continue to bless VOM's training and conferences in Iran.
    Scott B - USA
  • I pray the efforts of the evangelism ministry during Nowruz in Iran will bring forth the fruits of thousands of new believers in Jesus and hundreds of new Christian churches. I pray protection over all Christians and the leadership of Iran will be lead by Christian believers. Bless VOM workers with protection, peace and materials. In Jesus Name!
    Patricia L - USA
  • Father, let your light shine in the darkness. Bring the truth & set the Iranians free. Raise of a standard against the enemy. Breakthrough in a big way. Protect your children that are ministering during this time. Let them have wisdom to share your truth with boldness & humility, Amen.
    Donna S - USA
  • Lord let many people hear the word and souls be saved. Amen.
    Reatha G - USA
  • Lord I thank you for your faithful followers! I thank you that your people are bold to share the gospel with their family and friends despite the danger in doing so. I pray fruit will be born for their efforts! I pray you would protect your people from persecution and from harm and evil. I pray and ask in the name of your Son Jesus Christ holy name.
    Amy R - USA
  • Blessed greetings, in the name of Jesus. I trust you found so much to praise God for in the Persian New Year celebration. Not only did you have immediate Christian family and friends; but world wide.
    Thanks be to God...His love shielded and uplifted your true Christian festivities. Hallelujah!
    Graham L - Canada
  • Dear Father God I ask that you watch over and guide the Evangelists as they offer the word of God to Iranians during Nowruz. Father I ask for the Holy Spirit to speak through their lips and guide their actions and responses so your word may reach and touch the hearts, souls, spirits, and minds of the Iranians so your name will be glorified. Amen.
    Crystal B - USA
  • Father, what joy there is when an unbeliever comes to faith in You! Guide their work to share Your name, the saving Name of Jesus. Protect them from division & sin; let neighbors see You love shine through them for Your praise and glory. Give them mercy when attacked. Amen
    Sandra M - USA
  • Father Let your people hear the Good News and then humbly receive Jesus as Lord and Saviour!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, God is good!!!!!!!!!
    Deidre S - USA
  • Dear Lord , Thank you for the Iranians and bless them with your salvation and fill them with your holy spirit . May you wrap with your loving arms and showing them that you will always with them . Remove all fear from their mind. Let them be a beacon of light wherever they are giving Glory . In Jesus name Amen .
    Mahil G - India
  • Father, please be with all those who shared the gospel during Nowruz and those seekers who heard the gospel. I pray those seeds will bear fruit in the salvation of all who heard the good news of Jesus, even if it is later on. I pray these witnesses will disciple those who accepted Christ that they might grow in faith and then share with others
    Gail M - USA
  • Father , your Son gave His life that they may know You and your Son gave His life as a ransom for all who come to Him. For it is written,"He that believe on your Son will eternal life." Lord I pray ears will
    open to hear and receive the good news of the gospel.Send forth your Spirit that they will believe and receive your Son Jesus Christ as Lord .
    Omedaur A - USA
  • Father, please, reach out to these people who so desperately need You & don't know it. Open doors and bring many unto You. Give Your people the understanding and knowledge with wisdom to reach these people. Father, even the hearts of kings are in Your hand. In Yeshua's Name Amen.
    Enile F - USA
  • My Child I am here for you. I know the desires of your heart. I know every intimate detail of your life. I am with you always. Don’t ever feel you are alone for I am with you till the end of your time. I will walk through the valley of death with you. Do not fear!
    Estelle S - USA
  • Heavenly Father,
    Your word declares the harvest in plentiful but the laborer are few. I thank God for the obedience of these chosen vessel teach them the truth of victory. Teach them to pray "show me how to love you Father" in Jesus name. When we love in truth then the kingdom of God in not far. Amen.
  • Lord be with them
    Evangelist F. B - USA
  • Thank you for these precious Iranian believers God! Thank You that You are using them to spread the Gospel. Protect the new believers that have come to faith because of this evangelism as well as those who have preached to them.
    Hannah C - Ecuador
  • Lord Jesus, in Joel 2, You say in the last days You will pour out Your Spirit, with prophesy, signs, wonders, and salvation for everyone who calls on the name of the Lord. Will You do a mighty work in this nation - break the chains of darkness and deception. Bring multitudes to freedom in Jesus, for Your praise and glory! Protect Your people, O Lord.
    Carrie H - USA
  • I pray that the Holy Spirit will surround you with opportunities to share the Gospel with others. May God strengthen your faith and commitment to Him.
    Betty A - USA
  • Help these efforts and keep Evangelists safe during this critical time of year.
    Debbie V - USA
  • Father, i pray that You would bless the range of efforts which include training and conferences for leaders and church planters in Iran; bless the Bible distributions to Persian seekers and believers and bless the ministries focused on sharing the gospel. I pray that many would hear and receive the Word of God, in Jesus Name, Amen.
    Anne S - USA
  • Dear Father, I pray that seeds were planted during the Persian New Year, and that there will be a harvest of souls. Thank you for VOM's part in supporting Your children and their efforts to teach their families and friends about You. Bless them and guard over them, In Jesus' name, Amen
    Eli S - USA
  • Lord we pray that seeds your people have planted thru ministries in Persian New Year will bear great fruit. Bless your people Lord, let the training people received bear great fruit. Let tracts be read, minds be led to wonder about you, hearts be led to know and love you. Thank you for these precious people who do your will. Amen
    Susan G - Australia
  • May Your word Lord, not return void. Thank You for this opportunity give these believers to speak of You and Your word. Open hearts and minds to the beauty of who You are. May You Bless these men and women evangelists as they show non nonbievers Your perfect love. What an opportunity You've give these believers. Bless your word as it goes out. Amen
    Patsy Mae W - USA
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