New house churches in war-torn Syria are being planted to reach families and children.
New house churches in war-torn Syria are being planted to reach families and children.
Feb. 17, 2017 | Syria

Pray for the Church in Syria

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Many new house churches have been planted in Syria in the past six years, even in war-torn Aleppo. People from minority groups, fundamentalist Muslim backgrounds and some from Christian backgrounds have encountered Jesus for the first time. “There are beautiful people striving to serve their communities throughout Syria,” said a VOM worker who recently returned from Syria. Because of these new believers, there is a great need for mature Christian leaders throughout the country. Pray for those helping develop Christian leaders in Syria and for the faith of the many new believers there.

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  • Father, please give these young Christians Your Word and competent teachers to teach them to handle Your Word with wisdom and in truth. Grow them in faith and give them many opportunities to witness. Give them a love for the unsaved. Protect them from the evil one. Meet their emotional, physical, spiritual and financial needs. In Jesus name, Amen
    Sheron L - USA
  • Father God thank u for the wonderful work ur doing in Syria, I pray that the house church plants will grow and flourish. Raise up strong church leaders to pastor and teach the word of God with love restoring hope and encouragement to all. May they know that they're not forgotten for ur a God who comforts the most vulnerable. I praise u Jehovah jirah.
    Tina K - USA
  • Father we speak to your people in Syria and call forth leaders and mature disciples to rise up and take their posts. To hear your voice and follow your commands, that you will equip those who are called put pillars in place to secure your church in Jesus mighty name!
    Amy F - USA
  • Father, I pray especially for those working to disciple these new believers, for wisdom, for practical knowledge of how to help. I pray that You will raise up those whom You would choose to become leaders, that they will hunger for Your Word and grow in grace, so that they in turn can teach others. May the believers be of one mind and heart. Amen
    Judith G - USA
  • Lord,
    Thank you for the growing church in Syria. I pray that You would raise up many Christian leaders that can tend, disciple, and grow the church. I pray that new believers would be strengthened in their faith despite the fierce opposition. May You protect them from harm and give them Your peace that transcends all understanding.
    Lysander S - USA
  • Lord I see now that you have used this conflict and brought more people to you and they are spreading your kingdom in the war torn area. I pray that you help them with resources and knowledge to continue to spread your kingdom to others and to help heal the broken land and comfort the hurt and damaged. I pray in Jesus Christ name. Amen,
    Bobby R - USA
  • God, grant to the church in Syria boldness and strength in the name of Jesus!!! Let them encounter you and experience you like never before! Draw this nation to yourself and let peace reign.
    Sarah G - USA
  • Lord, I lift up the Syrian Christians. I pray that they may find safe homes and have enough food and water and that they may stay strong in You. Amen.
    Barb R - USA
  • Father, praise you for your good work amidst the tragic evil. Thank you for the new believers in Syria. May your presence and encouragement be evident to them. May your Holy Spirit teach them and give them desire to grow and understanding for your truth. Strengthen both leaders and believers that they don't grow weary but persevere in hardship.
    Sophia B - USA
  • Lord, thank you for those who are assisting the new believers. Give them strength, faith and protection. God open the eyes of those who are resisting the move of God. May their be and increase of those who follow you. Supply all that they need in the spiritual and natural realm.

    Delores USA
    Delores D - USA
  • Father, You continue to show us Your awesome power, even in war-torn countries like Syria. I pray that there is an overwhelming response from Christian leaders who are mature in Your word to assist these brave men and women who daily share Your word with others who are searching for You. Please continue to protect your servants, Lord. Amen
    Connie A - USA
  • Thank You, LORD, for the spreading of the Gospel in Syria despite the persecution they face. We pray that more mature Christian leaders will be put in their midst to help them grow spiritually and, in turn, produce other Christian leaders in the faith. Remember both the immature and mature Christians as they strive to do Your will and purpose. Amen.
    Everett T - USA
  • O Father, I thank you for those who are helping develop Christian leaders in Syria. Bless and equip them for such a great task. I pray for the hearts of multitudes to hear the Gospel and receive it with joy. I pray your Holy Spirit be upon all working for your kingdom for a great harvest. May new believers be led to maturity and faith made strong.
    Ruth S - USA
  • Lord Jesus, look down and Syria and extend your mercy! Let your people learn to shine light in the darkness there and draw strength to build our Kingdom of peace and righteousness. Mature and grow them and provide for all their needs. Give them faith to see a future with righteous leaders at the helm of their nation.
    William D - USA
  • Dear Lord of all, I ask in Jesus Name that you give strength to those house Churches newly planted in Syria. Shower them with Blessing and Protection from You Dear father. And to those who have found Your Son Jesus Strengthen them and Bless them, In Jesus Name Amen.
    Louis W - USA
  • Father God, Please strengthen Your people in Syria. Thank You for their love for You and their desire to live for You. Encourage them as they read Your Word and reach out to those who do not know You. Put a hedge of protection around them and make them invisible to those who would harm them.
    Becky O - USA
  • Adoni,reach out to the church planters,families,pastors in Syria.The people have no where to turn.The ISIS are tearing them apart.Protect,provide their needs,bless with good health.Shine Your light in their midst God so they see&feel presence of Jesus,know He is there for them.Jesus reach out to my our family in Syria.subdue the evil ASAD govt God
  • Father, Thank you that through the terrible circumstances of war, your light is still shining in Syria. I pray that there would be people raised up to lead others in their walk of faith. I pray that the mighty leaders who are already there would stay strong and continue in the hard work of discipleship so that your name would be glorified.
    matthew g - USA
  • Lord, I lift up our Syrian family & pray that You bring mature Christian leaders around them & in leadership to encourage & challenge the new believers. Thank You for strengthening the faith of all through Your Word, prayer, & encouraging fellow believers. Thank You for the blessing they are to Syria & continue to be. Let Yourlight shine throughAmen
    Lisa T - USA
  • I praise You Father for the beauty of this Your church that is growing in Syria, in the midst of war, brutality, pain, and evil! May these new saints hold fast with a deep, strong faith. Bless them, Father and protect them from all evil. Peace, peace to Syria in Jesus's Mighty Name. Bless You and Thank You. Amen.
    Christienne D - USA
  • Dear Lord, I lift the Chuch in Syria to you. Help her grow to bring hope to a devastated nation. Shield the remaining Christians. In Jesus name, Amen.
    Randy S - USA
  • Thank You, Heavenly Father, for what you are doing in Syria. Raise up godly leaders there to teach your people. Thank You for the advancement of the gospel in this war torn country. Fill the hearts of the believers with your peace and the joy of your presence. I pray that many more Syrians will come to know the Savior. In Jesus' name, Amen.
    Nancy R - USA
  • Father, thank You that You are building Your Church in Syria. Plse raise up Godly leaders who will serve these new folk as they come to You. Plse help them to mature in Christ. Plse provide everything they need for life in Syria. Plse let them shine as lights in a dark place. Plse protect them and encourage them. May You be glorified! In Jesus' Name.
    Richard B - New Zealand
  • Lord, grant these faithful servant's to serve you in Syria. We pray for more Christian leaders and new believers to follow you in this country. In Jesus name. Amen
    Sandra T - USA
  • Lord, let these believers be encouraged, and bring enough help to keep them going, Lord. Please protect and provide for them, and let their light shine! Bless the leadership, and bring more leadership to Syria, so people can have pastors and teachers.
    Jocelyn L - USA
  • Lord lift up leaders for this new churches in Syria. May their supply be met, physically, spiritually and emotionally. In Jesus name amen.
    David H - USA
  • Father, I pray you will raise up Joshua-like leaders to lead these your children, David-like shepherd to shepherd your children with skillful hands and with integrity of heart.
    Tan O - USA
  • Thank you, Lord, for the new believers in the midst of war-torn Syria. Connect them with mature believers who can disciple them to stand strong in their new faith. May their trust in You amid hardship be a witness to those around them who are hostile to the Gospel. Strengthen them to show kindness and the love of Christ in their families.
    Linda L - USA
  • Father I pray for your church in Syria. How they do what they do there I don't know but it makes me think of your word," For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind." Please guide the helpers, raise up leaders, and increase the faith of all new believers. May many others turn to you. In Jesus' name, Amen
    Rena B - USA
  • Father, thank you for the new house churches in Syria. I pray you would strengthen those helping develop Christian leaders. Strengthen the faith of the many new believers there. May they look to you and grow strong in you.
    Darlene E - USA
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