A Christian worker in the Arabian Peninsula receiving prayer.
A Christian worker in the Arabian Peninsula receiving prayer.
Dec. 23, 2016 | Middle East

Pray for Brother S., Receiving Threats to Stop Evangelizing

[435] prayers in [22] nations have been posted for Brother S.

Brother S., who lives and works in the Arabian Peninsula, has received multiple threats to stop evangelizing or leave his country. Brother S. refuses to stop sharing the gospel and does not want to leave. He has a unique ministry and it has had a significant impact on his region. Please pray for new opportunities to share Christ with Muslims and for protection over him and his family.

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  • Father, thank You for brother S's fierce and bold stand for Jesus! Fill him with power to continue to reach out to his Muslim neighbors and protect in miraculous ways his family as only You can Lord! He needs wisdom to know how to operate and share in such a dangerous environment. Grant him grace and favor in strategic places in his community. Amen
    Matt B - USA
  • Praying
    Carla M - USA
  • Dear Lord, please be the comfort and protector of Brother. I pray for his safety, and that his bold witness for you would lead others to you, even now. In your name, amen
    Olga G - USA
  • I am praying for here in Dallas Tx.
    Charles O - USA
  • You are in my prayers.
    Natalie H - USA
  • Lord, please protect Brother S from those who are threatening him so he can continue to do Your work. We pray that he will seek your heart and will for his life.
    Michael M - USA
  • Kind loving Father hear my prayer lord attend to the needs. Please watch over brother S as he evangelises to the many that are still list. Father I implore you help him and others to continue boldly the work he and others do.have mercy and guide them into their work to deliver your a Holy Word. Place them behind the cross in Jesus name Amen
    Carol L - United Kingdom
  • Father God, thank You for the heart and the faith that You have given Brother S. Please lead him to successfully share the gospel with more of his countrymen. Protect his precious family - surround them with Your heavenly soldiers, Lord! For he is my friend and my brother, Your child who loves You so and You are God. In Jesus' Name, Amen.
    Katherine S - USA
  • Abba, I lift up Brother S to You today. Please bless him and let him feel Your touch and Your strength and Your encouragement to share You to those who so desperately need You. You are the great I Am - let him experience Your power and might today. In Jesus name
    Jennifer H - USA
  • Lord, we pray that You protect this Brother who has decided to remain in the storm while sharing the Gospel! We pray for open venues to reach Muslims who are Your children as well. We praise you Father for these courageous Christians who serve as modern-day apostles who demonstrate what being a Christian cost So!
    Harry P - USA
  • Lord I pray for my brother S. who is evangelizing and it is growing because he has those who want him to stop and leave. Please bless him and his family as they continue to bless the people with knowledge of You, Jesus Christ the righteous. Help them as they grow churches and lead their people to the everlasting way - Jesus. In Jesus name, Amen
    Joel H - USA
  • Father Almighty please keep brother S. in your strong arms. Give him your grace to sustain and strengthen him when he is weary and fearful. Pour out the gospel fire on him and bring many sons in to glory in this work. Be with us always amen
    Cheryl H - USA
  • Father, I praise and thank You for the gift of faith in Brother S and his family. Protect them. Provide for their needs. Allow them to see Your power and glory at work through their efforts. Cast out Satan and every evil in this place so that many may be won to faith in Christ. In Jesus name. Amen.
    Janet A - USA
  • Father, thank you for the faith of Brother S. Please protect his family and bless his ministry. May his persecutors see his good work and love and praise you in heaven. Thank you that his true hope is in you.
    emily g - USA
  • Dear Lord, Thank You for this steadfast brother in Christ! He is like a Paul, and does not want to turn back from the ministry You have given him. Bless him & family with protection, courage, endurance, patience, and an understanding of Your leading in his life. Use his special outreach to win converts to the true and living God. In Jesus Name, Amen!
    Linda H - USA
  • King Jesus, please intervene in Bro. S situation in the Arabian Peninsular. Thou art the Most High God. Nothing goes beyond your control. Lord take a stand against those enemies that are stressing out your son. Father do bring his aggravation to a end and build a wall of protection around him and his family. In the previous name of Jesus. Amen.
    Joyce D - United Kingdom
  • Jesus, we pray for this faithful unsung hero of the faith. Please make a way for him to continue to evangelize Muslims in his country. Help his courage not to waver, and give him great wisdom to avoid situations that might cause him to be apprehended. We pray against the enemy, who surely seeks to ensnare him. Pave the way for Brother S to speak out.
    Brenda M - USA
  • God, please bless and protect Brother S. Bless the work of his hands. Please protect him and give him great wisdom. He is your trusted servant, send him where You want him to go and make his work fruitful. He abides in You and You in him. Bless You, O Lord. Amen.
    Sherry W - USA
  • Father, i plead the blood of Your Holy Son, Yeshua, over each child of Yours and their families for all generations, I ask, Father, that You open doors that no man can shut and shut doors that no man can open. Thank You, Father, for bringing in Your children. In Yeshua's Name. Amen
    Enile F - USA
  • Malachi 3:17 They shall be mine, says the Lord of hosts, in the day when I make up my treasured possession, and I will spare them as a man spares his son who serves him. 18 Then once more you shall see the distinction between the righteous and the wicked, between one who serves God and one who does not serve him.
    Layne N - USA
  • Lord God, send Your angels to fight the demons who are wanting to keep down this great man of yours. Please hold back the forces against him. Lord, please, please be near to Him, O God. Pour Your power over and through Him. Thank you for His witness, O God. Thank you for His witness. Please provide, protect and lead His family through these daysAbba
    Amy G - USA
  • Dear GOD & FATHER JESUS CHRIST, (Isaiah 9.6) Please give everyone the wisdom to ask for the HOLY SPIRIT (LUKE 11:13) as well as YOUR wisdom (JAMES 1:5), AMEN.
    eric H - USA
    Please give this precious Believer, Brother S favor , and surround him with YOUR Mighty angels . Comfort him, letting him know that YOU are with him! Spread YOUR HOLY LIGHT in this very dark area. Convict souls being used by the enemy, and send millions of Soul Winners to this region. IN JESUS' NAME , AMEN !!
    Doris G - USA
  • Lord, please place your hedge around Brother S. and please open doors and hearts for our brother to share the gospel with those living in the Arabian Peninsula. We ask that you cover him and his family in a cloak of protection, Father, and that his work glorify your name! In Jesus name, Amen!
    Emily S - USA
  • Father God, Thank for being our Almighty Protector always!!! Keep close watch over Brother S., Keep him and his family out of harm's way. I Thank you Father nothing is too hard for you. Give this family peace and comfort. Open doors and give him Favor with sharing the gospel with the Muslims. Give him Favor so he can them over to Jesus!! Do it Lord!!!
    Deidre S - USA
  • Lord, strengthen Brother S. to do the work You have called him to. Cast fear out of his heart. May he be able to hear Your voice clearly to do Your will in all things. Thank You for his great witness on the Arabian Peninsula.
    Scott B - USA
  • Lord, please help Brother S to be able to continue his ministry there in the Arabian Peninsula. It's Your work. Please protect him and make his work fruitful. In Jesus' name.
    Joyce H - USA
  • Thank you lord because of brother S. I pray that you will protect and keep him under your wings. As he shares your true word with others may your grace and presence be with him. Lord, reveal yourself unto him as the true God and fights all our battles. This is to your glory in Jesus name, Amen.
    Joyce M - Kenya
  • Father God, please give this little brother Your PEACE to know that You are in control. Floor His spirit with LOVE, power, and a sound mind. Remind him that he belongs to You and that You will make a way for the calling you have given him. Be a Father to him as You lead him and guide in the things of his heart. All glory is Yours.
    Kathy G - USA
  • Oh precious heavenly Father, please comfort your child. Give him soul's for his higher. Bless him abundantly.
    Vicki D - USA
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