A Christian man from the West Bank was able to attend a conference for believers.
A Christian man from the West Bank was able to attend a conference for believers.
Dec. 16, 2016 | West Bank

Pray for "Ismail," a New Christian in the West Bank

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A young Christian convert from Islam fears for his life if his family learns of his new faith. “Ismail” faced cruel treatment from his family and others in his village in the West Bank when he left Islam and became an atheist. During that time, he read many books that eventually led him to place his faith in Christ. After leaving Islam, his family tried to intimidate him by burning his books, breaking his phone and taking away his documents and laptop. Ismail says his father will kill him if he learns that he has converted to Christianity, so he hopes to move. Please pray for Ismail as he grows in faith and continues to face hardships for leaving Islam.

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  • Lord, I have no idea what has happened to "Ismail" since he has come to Jesus but You have him right in the palm of Your loving hand and can protect and provide for him according to Your purpose and plan for his life. Father, please provide a way for him out of the country if need be to preserve his life but otherwise, grant him grace and peace!
    Matt B - USA
  • Praying
    Carla M - USA
  • Dear Heavenly Father, bless Ismail for his great faith in West Bank. It is a trying place for believers of Jesus Christ! God bless him with Your strength to hold on to Your unchanging hand so that he may be able to stand therefore and having done all to stand. In Jesus name Amen!
    Geria M - USA
  • I am praying for here in Dallas Tx.
    Charles O - USA
  • You are in my prayers.
    Natalie H - USA
  • Abba, please continue to bless Ismail and help him grow in his faith and love for You. Send him Your love and peace and encouragement today. In Jesus name
    Jennifer H - USA
  • Thank you, Father, for Ismail's faith, for bringing him into the fold. Protect him in this land where Jesus is not known. Give Ismail courage, and strengthen his faith. Guide and direct him in his life. Help him find a safe place where he can celebrate his faith in you and be encouraged by like-minded Christians. In Jesus' name, I pray.
    Sue R - USA
  • I plead the blood of Yeshua over Ismail and all believers & those coming to faith in persecuted areas and the children, I ask, Father, that You be with Ismail and all believers and the children and those coming to faith in the city and in the country, lying down and rising up, coming in and going out forever in Yeshua's Name Amen
    Enile F - USA
  • Father, thank you for this man's faith. Your work in his life is such a powerful testimony. Please soften the hearts of his family members and bring them to salvation too. Surround Ismail with believers to encourage and provide for him. Show him what you would have him do about moving and provide a path for him.
    emily g - USA
  • Heavenly Father I am asking you to help Ismail to find refuge in a safe area where he can practice his faith. Please provide mentors to nurture him in this pathway of grace. He needs your guidance and protection, as well as your direction. Grant him grace, determination. In the precious name of Jesus. Amen.
    Joyce D - United Kingdom
  • We do pray, Father, that you will preserve Ismail's life and even use him to turn the hearts of his hostile family members to you. Give him the training he needs in your Word. Thank you for bringing him to the knowledge of Jesus Christ after his long and roundabout search!
    Brenda M - USA
  • Malachi 3:17 They shall be mine, says the Lord of hosts, in the day when I make up my treasured possession, and I will spare them as a man spares his son who serves him. 18 Then once more you shall see the distinction between the righteous and the wicked, between one who serves God and one who does not serve him.
    Layne N - USA
  • Lord please change and soften the hearts of "Ismail's" family so that they come to know you. Give "Ismail" guidance on how to proceed and be a light in this situation.
    Isaiah C - USA
  • Dear GOD & FATHER JESUS CHRIST, (Isaiah 9.6) Please give everyone the wisdom to ask for the HOLY SPIRIT (LUKE 11:13) as well as YOUR wisdom (JAMES 1:5), AMEN.
    eric H - USA
    Please give this precious Believer, Ismail, favor , and surround him with YOUR Mighty angels . Comfort him, letting him know that YOU are with him! Spread YOUR HOLY LIGHT in this very dark area. Convict souls being used by the enemy, and send millions of Soul Winners to this region. IN JESUS' NAME , AMEN !!
    Doris G - USA
  • Dear Lord, be with my brother Ismail. I thank You for saving him and giving him life eternal. I pray You will help him to find fellowship in the faith and mentor(s) to help him grow in his faith. Protect him and help him to become strong in his faith. I pray that you will save his family. Speak to them in visions and dreams and save them too. Amen
    Zoe B - USA
  • Father, I pray that You will surround Islam with Your comfort and peace. Send a mentor to him to help him grow strong in his faith. Give him a hunger for Your Word and protect him from the enemy. Bless him and meet all his needs, I pray. Help him to find the fellowship he needs and guide and protect him as he shares Your Word. Amen
    Zoe B - USA
  • Lord, please protect Ismail. Deepen his faith, and eventually may he have the opportunity to lead his family to You.
    Scott B - USA
  • Roman *:33-39
    Martha S - USA
  • I God arise in your power and deliver ismail from his prosecutors including his family and established him more in gospel of our Lord Jesus Chris Amen
    Abiola O - Nigeria
  • Beautiful young child of God! Do not be intimidated by the trials you are going through! Stand steadfast! I can see what a beautiful smile you have & I prophesies that in Jesus name you will use your kind spirit to bring others to the Lord! Bless you Ismail! God be with you! May the Lord touch the hearts of your family! In Jesus name! Amen
    Patricia R - USA
  • Lord, i lift up Ismail to You and pray that You would surround him with Your angels and protect him spiritually and physically. Lord, allow, Ismail to move to a safe place and cause him to grow in his faith. Meet all of his needs according to Your riches and glory in Christ Jesus. Bless Ismail in Jesus Name, Amen.
    Anne S - USA
  • Dear Lord, thank you for making a way for him to attend that conference. Help remember what you said and did in his life. Protect him spiritually and physically and all other believers there. May the unsaved of that area see you are real and turn to you. Pam F - USA
    Pamela F - USA
  • Lord God, I praise you that Ismail has come to know you and I pray that you would protect him. Soften the hearts of his family that they too would come to you. Give Ismail opportunities to grow in the faith and keep him safe in your arms. In Jesus Name, Amen.
    Hannah J - USA
  • Thank You, Father, for the salvation & joy that You gave Ismail! Guide him by Your Holy Spirit on what to do each moment. I pray that his family will come to know Your love & grace in Jesus' name, but let Your will be done. Thank You!


    In Arabic https:www.youtube.comwatch?v=MzzkNPiEFdY
    Mariel C - USA
  • Father God, I lift this precious brother before You, our Prince of Peace, Might Counselor, King of Kings! We know the enemy seeks to steal, kill and destroy, as this precious soul has been snatched from the god of this world's snares. Father, make a way for Ismail according to Your will to be where You may use him in a might way. Amen!
    Cheryl C - USA
  • Lord I ask you to be more real to this young brother than even the very air he breathes, I realize that my worst day is nothing compared to what he has to deal with, give him courage, give him peace , give him hope that one day the wicked will cease their troubling . Help him to realize that he is cared about, he is needed and loved.
    Johnny W - USA
  • Romans 8:28

    And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

    Psalm 119:165

    Great peace have those who love your law, and nothing can make them stumble.

    Analilia G - USA
  • Please Lord I pray that Isamail's family would receive dreams and visions of You and come to know Christ in the Mighty Name of Jesus, amen.
    Pmandy Y - USA
  • Praise you Jesus for another brother in the Lord! I pray for his spiritual growth and protection as well. Use him to bring others to You. You know what it is like to be persecuted. Father, bring Ismail's father to you, and his whole family. May he make a world-wide impact for you. With you, nothing is impossible! In Jesus' MIGHTY name, amen. PRAISE GOD
    Abigail F - USA
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