Dmitry and Marina Shestakov with their three daughters, Alexandra (left), Vera (center), and Maria (right).
Dmitry and Marina Shestakov with their three daughters, Alexandra (left), Vera (center), and Maria (right).
Sep. 16, 2016 | Uzbekistan

Pray for the Shestakov Family, Relocating to the United States

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Pastor Dmitry Shestakov and his family have recently arrived in the United States, after being granted asylum. The pastor spent four years in a labor camp because of his Christian work in Uzbekistan and continued to face harassment after his release. For the past three years, the pastor and his family have lived as refugees in Ukraine. Dmitry and his wife, Marina, arrived in Florida on Aug. 30 with their two youngest daughters, Alexandra, 20, and Vera, 16. Their oldest daughter, 22-year-old Maria, stayed in Ukraine with her new husband. Please pray for the Shestakov family as they settle in the United States.

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  • Lord thank you for this victory! Please open hearts and hands and minds of christians in the USA. Bless this family as they heal, live with inner and outer peace, and grow in faith. Please open the hearts of all who encounter this family. And do the same for me!
    Linda D - Korea, South
  • Praying
    Carla M - USA
  • Thank you Father for the Shestakov family's current reprieve from persecution. May their time here be refreshing and restorative. Comfort them and their daughter who is separated from them. Speak to their hearts on what the next step is.
    Joan B - USA
  • Dear FATHER GOD JESUS CHRIST (Isaiah 9:6 ),
    Please saturate Dmitry Shestakove and his family part of your Church Bride , their spirits, souls and bodies with your HOLY SPIRIT. ( Luke 11:13 ) Thank You. AMEN.
    eric H - USA
  • Father Great and Holy and True, be with this family in Florida today. Your will be done in Jesus Name!
    Cheryl H - USA
  • Thank You Dadi for making this relocation work,for safety and for the plans You have for the Shestakov family!As they settle,remove very barrier to their settling in well.Father direct them to where and what You will have them do for You in this new location.Protect Maria and her husband,may they all continue to serve You fervently in Jesus name Amen!!
    Cherechi E - Nigeria
  • Father what a beautiful family in Christ you have in the Shestakovs. Thank you that they can be part of our family now here in the US. I pray they will adjust well to thier new home and that Dmitry will continue to be able to Pastor here in the US. I pray that if thier desire is for thier daughter and husband to be with them you would make it happen
    Dean B - USA
  • Lord thank you for releasing this Pastor from prison and for giving he and his family safe passage to the US. Help them to be given help from believers here and allow them to rest and regain strength and encouragement in your Word. Thank you that you will continue to use this family for the gospel. Keep the others in Your care back home. In Jesus Name.
    susan w - USA
  • Thank you Father God, for blessing Pastor Dmitry with his witness of Your love through Christian works in Uzbekistan, and being with him to sustain him through his incarceration. Bless him and his family in the U.S. to continue Your work and guide many more to Your Son's salvation. Safeguard Maria and her husband in Ukraine. In Jesus's name, Amen.
    Craig M - USA
  • Father, give your children in the US ears to hear the wisdom you have given this family. Let our desire to serve be increased because of the witness of their obedience. Provide a multitude of brethren to love them and minister to them here. Let their family bond press on to the high calling of Christ. Amen
    Lisa W - USA
  • Father, I pray that the Shestakov family will have a smooth and relatively uneventful transition into their new home and community in the United States. I pray that believers in the church they attend will embrace them in the faith and make every effort to demonstrate gracious hospitality and Christian love. I pray that Dimitry will completely recover.
    Patrick V - USA
  • Father, please be with the Shestakov family as they make this new transition. Please give them Your favor. Help them to connect with other Christians and I ask that You would give them Your guidance as they make a new life here. Please protect the older daughter and her husband too.
    Roma K - USA
  • Father, we ask you to guard the hearts of this dear family. Moving to a new culture is difficult, and being separated from family and friends is painful. Comfort their hearts, Lord. Help them as they adjust to this new place, and give them a place of service here in the United States. How we need a revival here, Lord. May they be a part of it!
    Jackie V - USA
  • Dear Father in Jesus Name we ask for help & guidance for the Shestakov family please bless & protect them & provide for their needs Provide for the needs of all Bless & protect all in this life Help all come to Your Word through our Lord Jesus We pray for world peace an end to diseases, poverty, hatred & crime Remove all doubts & fears from all Amen
    Lynn J - USA
  • Father in heaven, Thank You for Your protection and Your faithfulness to this family. You have and are continuing to provide for their needs in the most loving of ways. Please bless their transition into this country. By Your Spirit, help them to forgive where forgiveness needs to take place and help them to be thankful in all circumstances. Amen.
    Katherine S - USA
  • Thank you, Jesus, for granting direction for Dmitri and his family, just as we have requested. Please help them rest and recover and be incubated until it is time for them to get involved in ministry. Give them useful, meaningful work, and may their experiences help them be an influence for the gospel wherever they are.
    Brenda M - USA
  • Lord I praise your name and thank you for the blessing of bringing this family to the US where they can openly praise you and work for your kingdom within the fear of persecution! What a blessing Lord! I pray you would help them to settle in and adjust to their new life, I pray you would guide and direct their path Lord in Jesus name amen
    Amy R - USA
  • Lord Jesus, please be with the Shestakov family who now reside in Florida. Help them during this time of Hurricane Matthew. I pray that they would feel the love of fellow Christians through this event and afterwards as they make a new life here in America. Help them to be persecuted no more as they share their testimony with others! Thank You Jesus
    Kim S - USA
  • Dear Lord, I pray for this pastor and his family as they settle in the US. Keep them close to You and guide them as the seek Your will. Please watch over their oldest daughter and her husband in Ukraine and work in the hearts of their other daughters to follow You with their lives. Please use their testimony to make Americans more aware of persecution.
    Dawn B - USA
  • Heavenly Father,
    I pray for your children that are now coming to the United States I pray the holy spirit preserves them from all evil. Beware of sheep in wolves clothing for they are all around. Surround them with the people that truly LOVE. Give them wisdom to understand real truth. Jesus please lead this family, Amen.
  • Lord God, please help the Shestakov family as they settle in the United States. Help them to have unity with believers in the States and to be comforted in a new land. I thank you that this family can be together and I pray you would bring healing to them after the trials they have walked through. In Christ's Name, Amen
    Hannah J - USA
  • Lord hear our prayers for the Shestakov family who have relocated to USA. Help them to settle and find means to sustain their lives. i pray for support from the body of Christ in the USA. Help them Holy Spirit to settle in the new environment. Let them enjoy their freedom in the name of Jesus Christ.
    Dumezweni M - South Africa
  • Thank you God for leading pastor Dmitry Shestakov and his family to green pastures and quiet waters to refresh their souls. I pray that they shall continue to grow in grace and knowlegde of You. Help them to seek You first. Let you will be done in their lives. Let your Kingdom come in and around them. May You be the center of Maria's marriage.
    Audun B - Norway
  • Dear Shestakov family, may God give you peace of mind that your daughter in Ukraine is in His care. Nothing can happen to her and her family there unless it's God will. God can open doors where we didn't know a door existed both in Ukraine as well in the USA.
    Marelise N - USA
  • You God are the one who gives rest. May they find a welcoming land and also the peace they need. Please bless them and protect their oldest and her new family. Help the girls grow in Your love and be witnesses to Your word, in the name of Jesus, amen
    Cora M - Togo
  • Thank you almighty God that you have carried this family through the fire and brought them to the land of the free! I pray you continue to keep them under your mighty wings and provide for their needs according to your great riches in glory! May you use them mightily even here to build your kingdom and multiply your glory!
    Denise H - USA
  • Father, thank you for the Shestakov family as they settle here in the US. Bless the daughter and family who are still here in the Ukraine. Help her and her family to be strong for you! Heal the wounds of the pastor who suffered in a labor camp and make him a strong witness for you! I ask all this in the precious name of Jesus. Amen!
    Carol E - USA
  • Thank you for this deliverance and keep this family strong in faith and love as they enounter a new mission field in America. Let them be heard.
    Margaret D - USA
  • Father thank You for granting this family access to freedom and reprieve from persecution. Please protect their faith from dangers in the U. S.: apathy, prosperity, compromise in our churches and evolutionary teaching in our public schools. May this family bring their tried faith to our churches in need of revival and end time readiness. In Jesus name
    Cindi L - USA
  • Dear God, we thank you so much for granting asylum for this precious saints. I pray that you give them peace and love that passes all understanding. I pray that they continue to run just as hard for you here and they did there. I pray for all their family and ask that you make them all have great prayer lives and be strong witness for you. Grow them.
    James M - USA
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