Pastor Abraham leaves behind a wife and children. (Credit: World Watch Monitor)
Pastor Abraham leaves behind a wife and children. (Credit: World Watch Monitor)
May. 10, 2018 | India

Pastor Beheaded by Maoists

[401] prayers in [21] nations have been posted for Pastor Topno's Family and Church.

A pastor serving one of India’s minority tribal groups was murdered last week by suspected Maoists. On the evening of May 2, about 25 masked men abducted Pastor Abraham Topno from a taxi he was riding in, and the pastor’s beheaded body was found hours later along with a note signed by a communist rebel group operating in nearby Odisha state. According to a longtime friend of the pastor, he specifically chose to serve among the minority tribal group, despite the dangerous and challenging environment. His church had recently grown in number to about 60 believers. Pray for the pastor’s family and for Christians in the area.

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  • Heavenly Father. Sharing your gospel is worth it. But it doesn't always FEEL worth it. Let the family have an understanding of the future glory awaiting them and their lost loved one. Let there be a ten fold influx of believers courageous enough to share Jesus with the lost. Save not only the villagers but the Maoists. Reveal sin. Convict and save.
    Rachel R - USA
  • Lord, I lift up the Topno family to you. Comfort them. Send the right people and resources to provide for them. Let them keep his heart for the lost.
    Rachel Albro H - USA
  • God, I'm thankful for Pastor Topno's faithful service and that he is home with you. I pray Your shield of protection over his family & the 60 believers in his church. I pray Your Holy Spirit build them up so they can continue the work You've called them to. Lord soften the hearts of the Maoists so they can hear the gospel and be saved! In Jesus name!
    Kisha M - USA
  • Lord, you have welcomed Pastor Topno into your glorious presence, and we praise you for that. But for those grieving loved ones, our hearts are broken. Please provide the comfort only you can give, and provide a leader for them in Pastor Topno's place. Ease the aching of their hearts and assure them of your care and presence, Lord Jesus.
    Jackie V - USA
  • Dear Heavenly Father; I come to you on the behalf of the Topno family, the loss of their father will put a hardship on the family and they will need you care more than ever. Place the one that have done this terrible thing, under convictions and make them great witnesses for your Kingdom. Give them courage in Jesus Name.
    Mary H - USA
  • Dear God, in your great power, please bless and protect this pastor's family. Bless and protect the Christian lives in this area. Comfort the family. Put a hedge of protection around them. In the name of Jesus, I pray. Amen
    Fannie L - USA
  • O Lord, comfort the family and congregation. May your name be praised in this.
    Margaret D - USA
  • Dear Blessed Heavenly Father,
    I ask for peace and comfort for Pastor Topnos Wife, children and his church. Please give them strength and peace during this difficult time. Help them to seek you and continue and your word. In Jesus Name Amen.
    Debi V - USA
  • Dear God, please change the hearts of those who committed this heinous act and keep Pastor Topno's family free from harm . May this act inspire others to step out in faith to fulfill your work.

    In true faith we pray.

    Vera G - USA
  • Oh Father, my heart is thankful for this faithful man and Your power so evident in his life. And my heart is heavy over his family's grief. I have no words to bring of my own so here are some beautiful words Yours to bring:
    13 Therefore let us go to him outside the camp and bear the reproach he endured.
    14 For here we have no lasting city, but we see
    Mary F - USA
  • Father Lord in the name of Christ Jesus I come before your throne of grace for help in the time of need I asked that you would look down upon this family and heal their hearts and their minds of this terrible tragedy father send workers to those who murdered this man that they might minister to them and remove the darkness from their hearts.In Jesus
    Ronald R - USA
  • Lord I ask that You would comfort and provide for Pastor Topno's family. I ask that others in the community would help them to find all that they need and that You would be encouraging them amidst death and loss. I pray for those in his church, that they would remain faithful and that more leaders would be built up to serve and lead the body.
    Joy H - USA
  • Father, thank You Lord for Pastor Topno's life. I thank You that he is resting with You now. Please send comfort and peace to his family. Please be with them protect them, keep them safe, give them peace and please provide for their needs. I pray for all Christians in that area that they would put their trust in You. In the Name of Yeshua, Amen.
    Kia W - USA
  • Dear Heavenly Father, we pray for Pastor Abraham's family as they continue to grow in their Christian ways and that their faith remain strong. Let the community help this family and may they all stay together in You. In Jesus name, Amen.
    Sandra T - USA
  • Thank you for this servant who lost his head for your sake and, by doing so overcame Satan and all his demons. Turn this into millions coming to faith through them
    mark m - USA
  • Heavenly Father, praise be to your name for this faithful and courageous disciple. Please bless and comfort his family and fellow believers so they are strengthened by his profound faith. Please protect and provide for his family and community who sacrifice to live a righteous life serving you. Amen.
    Carolyn S - Israel
  • Lord be with Abraham's family. Flood them with your presence and every blessing. Strengthen and encourage them and never let them be lonely. Fill them with the certain knowledge of what to do next, and where to go, and to whom they should speak. Give them joy even in this dark time. Amen
    Sharon S - USA
  • Lord Jesus, may you be glorified even in the face of this sad news. Thank you for the faithful servants that boldly preach the Gospel. We lift up the Topno family and the church there. Please ease their grief and shelter them in the shadow of your wings. May their love for you quench any fear they have of spreading the good news. In Jesus name, Amen
    Jennie F - USA
  • Lord, Jesus, please keep his family and his congregation spiritually and physically safe in You. Bless their church and I pray it will only grow. Thank You for Pastor Topno's courage and I pray it would inspire many to follow You boldly. Please bring justice and mercy to his enemies.
    Joann J - USA
  • Precious Jesus, May Pastor Abraham's life and his death bring people to want to know You as Savior. May they come to know You as Savior and King. May the light of salvation spread into the hearts and minds of the villagers and those who beheaded him. Uplift the family with protection and boldness. In Jesus name, Amen.
    Lenore E - USA
  • Prayers going up to provide comfort for Pastor Topno's family friends and church! LORD HEAR MY PRAYER! Prayers going up!
    Patricia K - USA
  • Father God! I lift up to you Pastor Abraham's family, church members and friends! I ask you that you comfort them and allow them to stay firm to their faith. I ask for protection for these children of yours as they suffer and try to continue to meet and worship you. Amen
    Isabel S - USA
  • LORD JESUS, I pray for comfort and safety for Abraham's family. Hide them in Your comforting arms. Let them see Your hand at work in their life and open up the new path You have for them. They are Yours my LORD, but these murderers do not belong to You. I ask that You save them LORD! Heap conviction on their heads and let them hear of You often.
    Patricia W - USA
  • Father, I pray that the gospel will spread throughout that region and thousands will be added to the church because of Pastor Abraham giving up his life for Christ. I pray that the gates of hell will not prevail and the Christians will rise up in spite of the danger and change the environment for Christ. Lord send revival let not his death be in vain.
    Omedaur A - USA
  • Jesus I ask that You comfort & provide for Pastor Topno's wife & children. Help them to stand strong in the faith & cause them to know they will see him again one day in heaven. Help them to continue to share their faith with others & deliver them from all fear. Cause the Host of heaven to encamp round about them to keep them in all their ways. Amen
    Lora K - USA
  • Dear God & Father, I praise You for the life & sacrifice of Pastor Topno! I pray for his family & church members: Protect, provide for, comfort, strengthen & guide them. May they remain strong in their faith as they mourn for their loss. Bring the person (s) responsible for their loss to repentance. In Jesus' Name. Amen.
    Lisa D - USA
  • Father, please place Your healing touch on the family of Pastor Topno, and his church. Please surround them all with Your angels of protection. Lead, encourage and guide them in every step they take. Send Your Holy Spirit, Counselor, to show them your path daily, for each of them. Remove the blinders from the eyes of those who did this, to see You.
    Linda D - USA
  • Father in Jesus Name we lift up this family for Your peace that surpasses all understanding to guard their hearts and minds and that good God fearing brothers and sisters in Christ will be placed in their life's to help comfort them & keeping each of our brothers family members safe as well as our brothers and sisters that gather together in Jesus Name
    barry p - USA
  • Blessed Father, please pour out Your loving kindness upon Pastor Topno's family and congregation. May they not lose faith and hope. May this atrocity serve to strengthen their faith and resolve to follow Christ. May this trial work for their good through Your holy wisdom and might. Thank You, LORD, in Jesus' Name. Amen.
    Christienne D - USA
  • Oh Lord I pray for his family right now in this time of loss. I couldn't imagine what they are going through right now, but Lord I pray somehow that this would strengthen them and the church. I pray for the rebel group as well that they would all come to faith in you swell. I pray that they would see you clearly and would turn to you.
    Aileen M - USA
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